3D images

3D glasses

3D glasses required to view these images

The following 3D views were created by combining 2 separate images captured from slightly shifted aspects. In the case of the planets, this is done using longitudinal shift when the object rotates on its axis.  

Jupiter & Ganymede in 3D colour

Jupiter during transits of Europa and Ganymede

Mars colour 3D view

Mars and massive Olympus Mons.
Trail of 3 bright patches ( centre / right ) are other dormant volcanoes along the Tharsis uplift region.  

Mars 3D monochrome view

Mars in monochrome 3D view. Olympus Mons can be seen upper centre
 near the right side limb of the planet

Jupiter Io Europa 3D view

Depth view of Jovian moons Europa and Io

Jupiter in 3D 2012
Jupiter monochrome 3D view 20012

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