Mercury 2021

This image of Mercury September 2021 (CM 4.5) in very good though short lived "seeing" conditions reveals three bright ray crater impact regions. Camera - ProStar Concorde 290 high frame rate monochrome and 650nm IR pass filter.

Mercury 2015


Mercury May 8th 2005

Mercury May 2005

Jupiter November 2004

Mercury November 2004

Mercury 2006

Mercury Oct 2006

Mercury (near IR filter)

Mercury July 2004

Mercury transit of the Sun

Mercury transit of the Sun on May 7th 2003 8 inch Newtonian @ f25 with Baader solar filter.
26 stacked video frames and processed in Adobe PhotoShop. Camera: LunaCam 4 (1/3" Video CCD) Time 15:26 AEST and safety solar filter.

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