Saturn 2017

Saturn 25th June 2017
12 inch telescope GSTAR-EX3

Saturn July 29th 2016

 Saturn and moon Mimas (lower right) July 2016
12 inch telescope and GSTAR-EX3 camera

Saturn 2015

Saturn July 2015
305mm Newtonian, 5X tele-extender and ProStar
LP-GUIDE-M monochrome camera fitted with ProStar 685nm IR pass filter.

Saturn 2014

Saturn near approach to the Moon May 14th 2014.
Image taken with ProStar 5X barlow and Imaging Source DBK21 colour CCD video camera fitted to Vixen R130Sf Newtonian telescope. Due to heavy cloud and sprinkling rain, this image was obtained within a very brief crack in the clouds for about 30 seconds or so. The sky quickly returned to rubbish but something was better than nothing.

Saturn 9th March 2012

Saturn 9th March 2012
Sky-Watcher 12-inch Newtonian and DBK618 camera. Clearly lots of atmospheric phenomenon occurring in the planets atmosphere. Looping festoons, knots and bridges. 

Saturn 2011

Saturn 3rd June 2011

Saturn 2010

Saturn - April 2010 using colour usb webcam

Saturn 2009

Saturn Titan & Rhea on the 15th of February 2009. 10-inch Sky-Watcher Newtonian and GSTAR-EX (ProStar RGB filters).

Saturn and Titan transit 2009

Saturn with Titan transit 2009

On the 8th of February 2009 this among several others within a sequence was taken with the GSTAR- EX camera and true tech RGB filter set through thin hazy skies. It is not the shadow of Titan but the actual disk of the moon itself.

Saturn 2005

Saturn Dec 2005 - GSTAR-EX camera and RGB filters

Saturn 2003

Saturn 2003 - 16th February - 200mm Newtonian.  

Saturn 1999

Saturn October 1999. 24 inch telescope B,V,R,I  filters. 

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